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Central Valley Briefs

LOUD for Tomorrow LOUD for Tomorrow (LFT) is a grassroots youth-led organization based in Kern County, which accounts for 66% of the registered voters in Congressional District 22—the seat [...] Continue Reading

Silent Suffering

BY THE MEADOWBROOK TENANT ASSOCIATION As rents continue to increase across the San Joaquin Valley, renters are pulling together to form tenant unions to protect themselves from negligent and [...] Continue Reading

No Whitewashing the Past

(Editor’s note: This is the story of Vance McKinney, as told to the author. McKinney is a truck driver (who hauls mostly agricultural produce) in a farmworker community. His father was a farmworker. [...] Continue Reading

What If All the Cops Were Criminals?

“Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints.”—Rolling Stones  Unhoused residents say the Fresno Police Department’s Homeless Assistance Response Team members commit crimes [...] Continue Reading

Death and Injustice in Fresno

There is an unequal justice system in Fresno. One for the police and the rich. Another for the poor and working class. For the unhoused of Fresno, there is often no justice. Some recent examples of [...] Continue Reading