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Not in Clovis Regarding “Clovis Is Not in Compliance with Housing Laws” (May 2023 issue): Well, as a Clovis resident, that's a bummer. We live here to get away from lower-income housing. Too bad [...] Continue Reading

Clovis Fought the Law and the Law Won

“Clovis didn’t get to be 70% white by accident,” said Patience Milrod in 2019 when filing a lawsuit initiated by longtime housing and homeless advocate Dez Martinez against the City. Milrod continued, [...] Continue Reading

September 2001

Table of Contents Page 1, 8, 9, 10 and 11 The Face of Anguish behind Fresno's up$cale housing by Scott Moore Page 2 Green Party goes national by Jeffrey Eisinger Page 2 From the Editor by [...] Continue Reading