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Review: Baldwin’s ‘Negro’ an opportunity to reflect on America

By Kamal Abu-Shamsieh “I Am Not Your Negro” is a film that documents significant events in the history of African Americans through the works of...

Journalism, Fake News, and The First Amendment

By Joshua C. Shurley, Ph.D. Walter Lippman, considered by some to be the "father of modern journalism" famously wrote that "there can be no liberty...

Former Community Alliance Editor Visits State Prison Creative Writing Guild

By Boston Woodard It was great to meet my friend of 12 years for the first time. Mike Rhodes, former editor of the Community Alliance...

Free Speech Victory in Fresno: Proof that You Can Stand Up to City Hall

  By Mike Rhodes Conservatives and Republican politicians do a lot of talking about deregulation, being supportive of small businesses and cutting down on government bureaucracy....



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Fresno PD | The Most Dangerous Police Force in America?

By Kayla Moon An activist by the name of John Lang appears to have recently been murdered – his death part of a much...

Homeless in Cuba? Not Likely

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