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From the Editor

We wish to have nothing but good news for our readers. However, I am afraid that won’t happen in this issue. Or anytime soon. What has happened recently at Fresno City Hall is disturbing: a recent [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Should Biden Run for Reelection? When Joe Biden arrived at the White House in 2021, I felt that two big changes took place in our society: First, instantly the craziness and dysfunctionality of [...] Continue Reading

Private Interests Rule City Council

Recently, several residents and housing advocates attended a Fresno City Council meeting to push for rent control. However, they ran into a block of ice. City Council members and the mayor of Fresno [...] Continue Reading

California, ¡Cuídate del Calor!

La ola de calor que padece la mitad del planeta—la otra mitad está experimentando frío extremo— no se detendrá y ya es lo “normal” en nuestras vidas. El calentamiento de la tierra es producto, en gran [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Corporate Arrogance at Its Best In the last few years, we’ve been bombarded by corporate media diverting us with tales of the rich and famous. Nothing new per se, but lately our rich guys are [...] Continue Reading

The Fall of Bitwise

On May 29, Bitwise Industries furloughed its 900 employees nationwide “effective immediately.” Why? The company ran out of cash and couldn’t pay its employees. As news about the company’s financial [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

The Obnoxious Show Is Just Beginning On May 9, a New York jury found Donald Trump guilty of sexual abuse. The verdict for the first time legally brands a former U.S. president as a sexual [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

The Whim of Nature and Conservatives The recent floods exposed a problem that nobody seems to want to talk about: the fragility of communities where workers, immigrants and low-income families [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

City and County Leadership? One wonders what is wrong with Fresno—with the “leaders” of the city and the county. The City of Fresno closed its three warming centers on the morning of March 21 in [...] Continue Reading