A Very Special Section

A Very Special Section

In this edition of the Community Alliance, readers will enjoy a special section dedicated to climate change. For this editorial effort, we teamed up with climate change activist Kevin Hall and several local organizations. The articles analyze the impact of oil drilling, the influence of the oil lobby on local elected officials and the activism of neighbors living in those areas most affected by the industrial pollution.

The special section is informative and educational. It is yours to keep. We are sure it will be of good use for local residents who want their communities to improve, to have more and better parks and less contamination sources. Part of this editorial effort will be extended as a virtual panel to take place on April 21 at 6 p.m. Several of the authors of the articles on our special section will be part of the panel. To register, visit www.fresnoalliance.com.

In our regular articles, readers will enjoy wide coverage of local events and engaging opinion pieces.

The good news, at the national level, is that the Covid-19 vaccines are getting available to most of our residents. There is a noticeable difference between the Trump administration and the current one on how to confront the pandemic.

Whereas Trump underestimated the pandemic and his team did little to protect the population, Biden established as one of his main goals to vaccinate about 80% of the population as soon as possible. And that seems like a reachable goal by this summer. If this is done, it’s possible the pandemic would stop being a serious health issue.

Finally, many residents have already received the stimulus checks that were approved by Congress on March 10. Not a single Republican voted in favor of that. However, most of the GOP members supported Trump tax cuts for the rich.

We have to remember this in each election. Voters need to know who pays attention to the needs of the residents.


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