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2012 City of Fresno Salary Information

According to the Fresno Bee, 80 City of Fresno employees make more than $130,000 a year. Five employees make more than $200,000 a year. Are these government bureaucrats willing to make the same sacrifice the mayor wanted to impose on blue-collar city sanitation workers? The proposal in this month’s “From the Editor” column asks them to do just that.

Kevin Meikle, Airports Director of Aviation $130,963.52
Russell Widmar, Airports Director of Aviation $193,732.76
Douglas Sloan, Attorney’s Office Assistant City Attorney $135,810.61
David Hale, Attorney’s Office Chief Assistant City Attorney $152,714.91
Francine Kanne, Attorney’s Office City Attorney $134,704.14
James Sanchez, Attorney’s Office City Attorney $251,938.23
Bruce Rudd, Assistant City Manager $202,419.21
Ramona Smith, Assistant City Manager $173,730.70
Mark Scott, City Manager $186,994.02
Keith Bergthold, Development & Resource Management Assistant Director $134,779.51
Craig Scharton, Development & Resource Management Assistant Director $133,449.95
Darrell Unruh, Development & Resource Management Planning Manager $135,835.17
Richard Cabral, Fire Battalion Chief $152,911.06
Winston Jonathan Chew, Fire Battalion Chief $138,827.35
Addison Clark, Fire Battalion Chief $159,139.14
Jose Escobedo, Fire Battalion Chief $157,330.77
Javier Lara, Fire Battalion Chief $161,847.76
Theodore Semonious, Fire Battalion Chief $152,119.88
Ron Stogdell, Fire Battalion Chief $149,675.03
Charles Tobias, Fire Battalion Chief $228,102.51
Michael Alforque, Fire Captain $147,160.04
Kerri Donis, Fire Deputy Chief $202,113.19
Exempt, Fire Deputy Chief $150,591.95
Timothy Henry, Fire Deputy Chief $173,865.85
Exempt, Fire Investigation Unit $144,876.03
Gary Watahira, Information Services Administrative Manager $131,521.02
Carolyn Hogg, Information Services Chief Information Officer $139,773.07
Ashley Swearengin, Mayor $131,100.00
Juanita Aranaz, Director of Personnel Services $190,984.41
Terry Bond, Director of Personnel Services $153,970.68
Rene Watahira, Fresno Police Administrative Manager $131,210.02
Patrick Farmer, Deputy Police Chief $174,691.98
Keith Foster, Deputy Police Chief $175,422.54
Robert Nevarez, Deputy Police Chief $170,771.99
Sharon Shaffer, Deputy Police Chief $169,976.93
Dennis Bridges, Police Captain $157,040.72
Lydia Carrasco, Police Captain $155,207.85
Randy Dobbins, Police Captain $155,592.40
Gregory Garner, Police Captain $158,365.76
Andrew Hall, Police Captain $151,991.80
Al Maroney, Police Captain $154,433.27
Michael Reid, Police Captain $156,694.85
Jerry Dyer, Police Chief $207,110.16
Hendrikus Bennink, Police Lieutenant $133,900.08
Phillip Cooley, Police Lieutenant $137,825.08
Michael Doyle, Police Lieutenant $134,659.33
Exempt, Police Lieutenant $135,913.88
Burke Farrah, Police Lieutenant $132,176.15
Jose Garza, Police Lieutenant $133,713.62
Joseph Gomez, Police Lieutenant $134,197.28
Donald Gross, Police Lieutenant $132,917.72
Thomas Laband, Police Lieutenant $137,683.54
Anthony Martinez, Police Lieutenant $134,861.02
Dennis Montejano, Police Lieutenant $134,088.07
Jeffrey Motoyasu, Police Lieutenant $130,972.53
David Newton, Police Lieutenant $137,028.12
Jon Papaleo, Police Lieutenant $135,593.25
Thomas Rowe, Police Lieutenant $134,459.59
Mark Salazar, Police Lieutenant $143,666.59
Roberto Esquibel, Police Officer $136,145.00
Greg Jouroyan, Police Officer $194,307.17
Jeffrey LaBlue, Police Officer $132,102.57
Art Rodriguez, Police Officer $131,815.00
Michael Troehler, Police Officer $131,080.17
Gary Beer, Police Sergeant $140,605.98
Jerardo Chamalbide, Police Sergeant $130,230.49
Anthony Dewall, Police Sergeant $147,626.39
Robert Dewey, Police Sergeant $132,822.06
David Gibeault, Police Sergeant $168,494.64
Eric Hodge, Police Sergeant $150,295.38
Leonard Lujan, Police Sergeant $135,534.17
David Madrigal, Police Sergeant $134,734.58
Michael Maguire, Police Sergeant $150,831.52
Joe Martin, Police Sergeant $143,636.84
Steven Presser, Police Sergeant $137,624.46
Richard Tucker, Police Sergeant $138,443.72
Patrick Wiemiller, Public Works Director $173,730.70
Eva Marlene Murphey, Redevelopment Administrator $134,295.20
Stanley McDivitt, Retirement Administrator $153,799.09
Kenneth Nerland, FAX Assistant Director $197,875.03

Salary information came from a Public Records Act request made originally by the Fresno Bee.

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