2012 City of Fresno Salary Information

2012 City of Fresno Salary Information
Image by Rich Johnstone via Flickr Creative Commons

According to the Fresno Bee, 80 City of Fresno employees make more than $130,000 a year. Five employees make more than $200,000 a year. Are these government bureaucrats willing to make the same sacrifice the mayor wanted to impose on blue-collar city sanitation workers? The proposal in this month’s “From the Editor” column asks them to do just that.

Kevin Meikle, Airports Director of Aviation $130,963.52
Russell Widmar, Airports Director of Aviation $193,732.76
Douglas Sloan, Attorney’s Office Assistant City Attorney $135,810.61
David Hale, Attorney’s Office Chief Assistant City Attorney $152,714.91
Francine Kanne, Attorney’s Office City Attorney $134,704.14
James Sanchez, Attorney’s Office City Attorney $251,938.23
Bruce Rudd, Assistant City Manager $202,419.21
Ramona Smith, Assistant City Manager $173,730.70
Mark Scott, City Manager $186,994.02
Keith Bergthold, Development & Resource Management Assistant Director $134,779.51
Craig Scharton, Development & Resource Management Assistant Director $133,449.95
Darrell Unruh, Development & Resource Management Planning Manager $135,835.17
Richard Cabral, Fire Battalion Chief $152,911.06
Winston Jonathan Chew, Fire Battalion Chief $138,827.35
Addison Clark, Fire Battalion Chief $159,139.14
Jose Escobedo, Fire Battalion Chief $157,330.77
Javier Lara, Fire Battalion Chief $161,847.76
Theodore Semonious, Fire Battalion Chief $152,119.88
Ron Stogdell, Fire Battalion Chief $149,675.03
Charles Tobias, Fire Battalion Chief $228,102.51
Michael Alforque, Fire Captain $147,160.04
Kerri Donis, Fire Deputy Chief $202,113.19
Exempt, Fire Deputy Chief $150,591.95
Timothy Henry, Fire Deputy Chief $173,865.85
Exempt, Fire Investigation Unit $144,876.03
Gary Watahira, Information Services Administrative Manager $131,521.02
Carolyn Hogg, Information Services Chief Information Officer $139,773.07
Ashley Swearengin, Mayor $131,100.00
Juanita Aranaz, Director of Personnel Services $190,984.41
Terry Bond, Director of Personnel Services $153,970.68
Rene Watahira, Fresno Police Administrative Manager $131,210.02
Patrick Farmer, Deputy Police Chief $174,691.98
Keith Foster, Deputy Police Chief $175,422.54
Robert Nevarez, Deputy Police Chief $170,771.99
Sharon Shaffer, Deputy Police Chief $169,976.93
Dennis Bridges, Police Captain $157,040.72
Lydia Carrasco, Police Captain $155,207.85
Randy Dobbins, Police Captain $155,592.40
Gregory Garner, Police Captain $158,365.76
Andrew Hall, Police Captain $151,991.80
Al Maroney, Police Captain $154,433.27
Michael Reid, Police Captain $156,694.85
Jerry Dyer, Police Chief $207,110.16
Hendrikus Bennink, Police Lieutenant $133,900.08
Phillip Cooley, Police Lieutenant $137,825.08
Michael Doyle, Police Lieutenant $134,659.33
Exempt, Police Lieutenant $135,913.88
Burke Farrah, Police Lieutenant $132,176.15
Jose Garza, Police Lieutenant $133,713.62
Joseph Gomez, Police Lieutenant $134,197.28
Donald Gross, Police Lieutenant $132,917.72
Thomas Laband, Police Lieutenant $137,683.54
Anthony Martinez, Police Lieutenant $134,861.02
Dennis Montejano, Police Lieutenant $134,088.07
Jeffrey Motoyasu, Police Lieutenant $130,972.53
David Newton, Police Lieutenant $137,028.12
Jon Papaleo, Police Lieutenant $135,593.25
Thomas Rowe, Police Lieutenant $134,459.59
Mark Salazar, Police Lieutenant $143,666.59
Roberto Esquibel, Police Officer $136,145.00
Greg Jouroyan, Police Officer $194,307.17
Jeffrey LaBlue, Police Officer $132,102.57
Art Rodriguez, Police Officer $131,815.00
Michael Troehler, Police Officer $131,080.17
Gary Beer, Police Sergeant $140,605.98
Jerardo Chamalbide, Police Sergeant $130,230.49
Anthony Dewall, Police Sergeant $147,626.39
Robert Dewey, Police Sergeant $132,822.06
David Gibeault, Police Sergeant $168,494.64
Eric Hodge, Police Sergeant $150,295.38
Leonard Lujan, Police Sergeant $135,534.17
David Madrigal, Police Sergeant $134,734.58
Michael Maguire, Police Sergeant $150,831.52
Joe Martin, Police Sergeant $143,636.84
Steven Presser, Police Sergeant $137,624.46
Richard Tucker, Police Sergeant $138,443.72
Patrick Wiemiller, Public Works Director $173,730.70
Eva Marlene Murphey, Redevelopment Administrator $134,295.20
Stanley McDivitt, Retirement Administrator $153,799.09
Kenneth Nerland, FAX Assistant Director $197,875.03

Salary information came from a Public Records Act request made originally by the Fresno Bee.


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