What Are They Afraid Of?

What Are They Afraid Of?
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By Richard Stone

I would like to report on a recent encounter I had at the Glen Agnes residential facility. About 18 months ago, at the request of a resident, I sought and received permission from the front desk to leave copies of the Community Alliance newspaper in the lobby. I have been doing so since then. In January, as I got out of my car with a bundle of papers, a woman (ostensibly with authority) who sat, smoking, on a bench outside yelled at me, “We don’t want your paper here. We’ve just been throwing them out anyway.” I asked why, she said, “Politics.”

I can only guess what other measures are paternalistically taken by the Glen Agnes staff to shield residents from news and opinions other than their own. In addition, to any Glen Agnes resident who comes across our paper and likes it, you might want to ask the administration what they are afraid of.


  • Community Alliance

    The Community Alliance is a monthly newspaper that has been published in Fresno, California, since 1996. The purpose of the newspaper is to help build a progressive movement for social and economic justice.

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