To Gaza, Palestine: “Your Pain Is Our Pain”

“To Gaza, Palestine” poem, presented at Woodward Park by Zahara Al
“To Gaza, Palestine” poem, presented at Woodward Park by Zahara Al


With the first blast that shattered your peace, we cried “Genocide!”
An oppressor’s cruel act, their war crimes cannot hide.
Each explosion they unleash, in their ruthless, unchecked stride,
We stand firm in our charge, “It’s Genocide!” we chide.
Gaza we feel you, but do you feel us?
Gaza we see you, but do you see us?
Gaza we hear you, but do you hear us?
To visit you, to step foot on your land
To visit you, and walk on your great sand
To visit you, and hold your peoples hand
To visit you, and pray on your holy land
A dream of ours, a dream so sublime
A dream of seeing your moon shine, along your Gaza coastline
A dream of freedom from crimes, against your bloodline
A dream of justice, that they can not undermine
We didn’t need a dandy man in a suit,
We didn’t need his fancy degree,
We didn’t need his plea,
We didn’t need his royal decree,
We didn’t need his foresight to clearly see you bleed
We see your tears, We hear your screams,
We see your people flee, we see your people bleed
Oh Palestine, you have captured our hearts,
Oh Palestine, you have controlled our minds,
Oh Palestine, we are indefinitely intertwined
Palestine, an Arab land so grand,
Palestine, a holy land, so beautifully planned.
Within Jerusalem, an old city’s span,
Every inch holds a tale, since time began.
On this sacred soil, each handspan and step,
An Angel has graced, a memory we’ve kept.
Prophets have walked, and God’s Messengers have stepped,
Echoes of the pious, in every corner, their holy footprints are etched.
Stand great, stand strong, stand tall.
Labiek ya Aqsa, Labiek ya Aqsa
Labiek ya Gaza, Labiek ya Gaza
Labiek ya Rasool Allah, Labiek ya Rasool Allah

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