Take Action on Climate Change

Take Action on Climate Change

By Connie Young

When is the last time that you allowed yourself to use the terms climate change and hope in the same sentence in your thoughts, let alone say them aloud? Most people are more likely to associate climate change with terms like hopeless, depressing or discouraging. Yet, if you believe that Joan Baez got it right when she said that “action is the antidote to despair,” you might be interested in an action organized by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) on June 22.

On June 23, approximately 900 CCL volunteers will converge on Capitol Hill to ask members of Congress to support the CCL’s proposed carbon pricing legislation. To demonstrate broad support for such legislation, the CCL is asking constituents to contact their members of Congress by phone and social media on June 22. Callers should let their Congressional representatives know that they’re concerned about climate change and expect them to do something meaningful about it. Those who agree with carbon pricing also should ask their members of Congress to support such legislation.

The CCL is dedicated to generating the political will to put a price on carbon pollution. Its volunteers are doing this by writing letters to the editor and op-ed pieces and by lobbying their members of Congress in writing and in person.

The CCL proposes legislation that would put a steadily rising price on fossil fuels wherever they come out of the ground or into the country (i.e., well, mine or port). Collected revenue would be distributed evenly to U.S. households in monthly payments. A border adjustment would prevent “carbon leakage” and encourage other countries to levy their own carbon fees.

Every Wednesday at 5 p.m., the CCL hosts a one-hour introductory call for which one can register at citizensclimatelobby.org (click on “join our intro call”) or call in directly at 866- 642-1665 (passcode: 440699#). You may get on CCL Fresno’s e-mail list via the CCL Web site (home page > about CCL > Find a Local Group > “the list below”) or contact the CCL at fresno@citizensclimatelobby. org.

The next meeting of CCL Fresno will be June 7 at 4 p.m. at 1500 Villa Avenue in Clovis. Newcomers are always welcome.

Note the following words from the CCL Web site: “When an individual makes a commitment to take action and is willing to take a personal stand on an issue, that stand changes the world. It is the first voice of democracy. It is the principle upon which democracy was born. [The] CCL invites each of us to live into the opportunity that democracy offers, and in exercising that right as citizens, lift our nation to the task at hand on global warming and climate change… that of protecting our ability to live on planet Earth.”

Join the action on June 22.


Connie Young, CCL Fresno Group Leader, can be reached at cyoungrn@sbcglobal.net.


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