Stop the Execution

Stop the Execution

The state of Georgia has been trying for 18 years to kill Troy Davis, who is very likely innocent of the murder he was convicted of, and has no previous criminal record, The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered that he be given an evidentiary hearing, in which he will have the opportunity to prove his innocence.

The hearing will take place in Georgia on June 23. On the day/evening prior to the hearing, Amnesty International is sponsoring events throughout the nation and the world, to support Davis and pressure the state of Georgia to give him a chance to obtain justice and reclaim his life. He has already come close to execution on three separate occasions, only to be given a last-minute temporary reprieve each time.

A rally, demonstration, vigil will be held on the street in front of St. John’s Cathedral, at the corner of Mariposa and R streets, on June 22 starting at 5 p.m. The non-denominational event will feature speakers and music. The event is sponsored by Amnesty International, California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty (CPF) and Death Penalty Focus (DPF).

For more information, contact Fr. Jim Rude, 559-488-7482, or Maria Telesco, 559-255-9492,


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