Meghan and Prince Harry’s Historical Choice


In celebrating African-American History month, I was overjoyed that an African-American woman is making history.

From a Pan-African perspective, I am glad that African-British and African-American women are supporting Meghan Markle and her husband in this time of crisis in the royal family. These women support her decision to leave Britain for Canada and California. This decision is based on Meghan’s negative experiences with British racism, the ideology of White supremacy and the racist British tabloids.

Prince Harry and Meghan want to reduce their royal responsibilities and support themselves. They also want to keep their royal titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

As an African-American male, I support Prince Harry and his desire to protect his biracial marriage and his biracial son from the bible of British racism, structured class privilege and the ideology of White supremacy.

Meghan is returning to the racism and White supremacy that she understands and has experienced in Canada and America. The majority of African-Britons, African-Americans and African-Canadians understand her choice.

She will be safer here in North America. The British and other Europeans have a long history of racism, class privilege and White supremacy.

Welcome back to North America Meghan! Prince Harry and Archie will also like it here, and it will be safer for them here. It is the diversity of North America, its legal structures and historic civil rights legislation that will offer them safety and respect in contrast to the racist social stratification of Britain.

Meghan will always be a Royal, she will always be biracial, a wife in a biracial marriage, mother to a biracial child, and she will always be a citizen of America and one of African heritage.

Homer Gee Greene, Jr.


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