Letters to the Editor – May 2016

Letters to the Editor – May 2016


Alex Vavoulis

A Los Angeles Times article appeared in The Fresno Bee (4/18/16) with the title: “Tenure ruling a blow to reform backers.”

The Appeals Court was correct to prevent the “corporate state” from removing tenure for teachers and, thereby, not participating in the effort to undermine public schools.

Alan Barth (1906-1979) is an American journalist specializing in civil liberties, but known for his 30 years as an editorial writer for The Washington Post. He has written many books on historical and contemporary politics. In his book, The Loyalty of Free Men (1951), he wrote the following:

Tenure is simply a means to the maintenance of academic freedom. . .The simple practical purpose of the Association of University Professors principles of tenure is to enable a teacher to follow the truth as he sees it without fear of losing his job. . . Academic Freedom and Tenure are not privileges extended to the teaching profession, but a form of insurance to society that the teaching profession will be able to discharge its function conscientiously

Victory in Kern County

What an encouraging story! Thank you for publicizing it. I first read it in the Community Alliance newspaper and was delighted to find it online so I could share it on Facebook. It is stories like these that inspire me to support independent news and stay more current with progressive activities and journalism in my community.

Thank you again so very much.


By Nancy



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