Is It Time to End Abortion, or Is It Time to Abort the Supreme Court?

Is It Time to End Abortion, or Is It Time to Abort the Supreme Court?
Women in the United States are concerned about losing their reproductive rights at the hands of the White male conservative dominant Supreme Court. Photo by Leni Villagomez Reeves

One definition of abortion, as defined by the Oxford dictionary, is to “end or cause something to end before it has been completed, especially because it is likely to fail.”

Teenage girls who become pregnant are 14 times more likely to die during a pregnancy. But I guess aborting or cutting short such a young life before it has been completed by forcing that child to carry her child to full term isn’t considered abortion or a life cut short, or a likely failure.

We abort plans or strategies because they will likely fail. Women abort potential life because without physical and mature emotional support, that untimely or unwanted potential life is likely to fail.

If society, via the Supreme Court, forces a child to carry a child to full term, the living child, that vital life, that teenage girl will likely die rather than lead a fully successful happy life. And it’s all because nine supreme jurors, mostly men, will rule she is forced to carry and deliver a child even though her body and mind are not yet developed or capable of delivering.

So who is the murderer here? Is it the child who realizes the failure in bringing a potential life into the world without provisions, without financial or emotional support, or without her body’s physical maturity? Or is it the Supreme Court, willing to kill young lives actually in progress by forcing teenagers to act recklessly and risk death during a full-term pregnancy?

If we care so much about fetuses or the unborn, and that potential life, shouldn’t we also care about vital young girls who are actually trying to live out their lives? Shouldn’t we also care about the likelihood of ending the lives of teenage girls?  Shouldn’t those actually living be of more concern than living cells?

And if we are so willing to coerce teenagers into putting themselves in harm’s way, shouldn’t we at least allow them to make their own decisions free of our demands, especially as they are putting their lives on the line?

Members of the Supreme Court, as well as those pressuring them, use religion to justify their actions. And yet the only thing the Bible indicates about abortion is to perform it!

God demands in Exodus the sacrifice of the first male child. And in Genesis, God tells us life begins “with breath.” In Numbers 5, it can be argued that God instructs Moses on some gruesome abortion tips for unfaithful wives.

And Jesus never mentions abortion, but several times he condemns the death penalty, which makes many Christians Pharisees or heretics today. Oh, and by the way, Jesus said to “love our enemies,” not to go to war against them and kill them. (Talk about abortion of vital lives on a mass scale!)

And since the founders of America believed that the state was to be run separate from religion, and certainly not ruled by it, and that democracy was not about money, but about government rule by the majority of our people, through one man (or woman) and one vote, and that the majority of Americans—in fact, two-thirds of them—favor a woman’s right to choose, perhaps it is time that this Supreme Court be aborted.

We should abort it for its failure to realize our democracy and its practice. I cite the Supreme Court’s failings: Citizens United (big money being allowed to buy votes that end with senseless decisions); cutting out parts of the Voting Rights Act and making it far more difficult for people to vote, which is our right; and, most recently, ending the reproductive rights of women—or half of us—even though the majority of Americans have supported those rights for more than 50 years.

These are abysmal failures of democracy for which this Supreme Court is solely responsible, which indicates there are even greater failures yet to come. Strategically, the time to abort or scratch the Supreme Court and start anew is now, before we lose everything about the integrity of our government we had uniquely cherished.


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1 year ago

YES! The time has come to end the supreme court(I will not capitalize the spelling!!!)

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