Impeach Trump Now

Impeach Trump Now

By Marc Keyser

We are the Resistance. We are united against President Donald Trump.

When Trump conspired with Russia to rig the election, he not only broke the law but also committed treason. Trump is not the legitimate President of the United States. His corrupt business dealings and his conflicts of interest are egregious and criminal. He is a morally depraved, profoundly evil, pathological liar. Trump is a fake Christian, a hypocrite, a dictator more dangerous than Hitler.

Trump is evil, and now he’s President and cloaked in immense power. Trump’s threatening a war with North Korea, which would consolidate his power. He must be impeached now; but the Republican Congress is complicit in the cover-up. No matter how damning the evidence, Trump Republicans refuse to impeach this moral monster.

But what exactly can we do to stop this madman in the White House?

We can, of course, Tweet our anger and vent our outrage on Facebook. We can join the street protests around the country. We can sign a petition on line, and we can call Congress. All of which are well-intentioned, however feeble. Congress is beholden to the special interests that make the campaign contributions that put elected officials in office and keep them there. Money talks. We the governed are the silenced majority, the little people. We are nothing but white noise in the background to be ruled over, lied to, ignored and taxed to give endless tax breaks to the rich. We the people have no real control over the President, Congress or Fox News.

But what can we as individuals really do?

One remarkable thing about America is the political powerlessness of millions of people. Even though we have mass communication, we are still the silent masses.

Along with traditional corporate media where talking heads tell us what’s wrong but never offer workable solutions we have social media. Now we can complain online to each other and fill the Internet full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The problem is we don’t understand the power of focused mass complaining.

What happens when millions of us call Bank of America to complain? What happens when so many of us make so many calls that we crash their phones, disrupt their business and cut off their cash flow? What happens when we use social media to activate activists around the world to join us in protesting by phone and our numbers multiply exponentially?

We are the Resistance, and there are millions of us.

Keith Olbermann is constantly calling out the criminality of President Trump, but his daily anti-Trump rants present no real solutions when it comes to how exactly we can influence Congress to protect Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation and force Congress to impeach President Trump? “Resist,” Olbermann cries at the end of each monologue, but he never says how?

It’s obvious that we must convince Congress to impeach Trump and nullify the election. But how can We the People force Congress to do that¾or to do much of anything for that matter?

The question is how to attack? How to strike the soft underbelly of Congress? How to put massive public pressure on Congress? The question for the Resistance is how to resist? How to forcefully non-cooperate on a scale large enough to stop the cover-up in Congress?

The secret is to attack Congress where it is most vulnerable.

The weakness of Congress is Wall Street—the big banks and brokerage firms such as Bank America and their stock brokerage firm Merrill Lynch, which are the shadow government pulling the strings. There’s no better way to put pressure on Congress than to protest by phone and put business at Bank of America on hold. With Bank of America under siege, Congress can’t afford not to negotiate for its release. Congress simply cannot afford to lose Bank of America in a phone protest that can bankrupt the bank.

We weaponize our smartphones.

We mass phone protest. Call Bank of America at 800-732-9194 now to disrupt business, create a crisis and force Congress to impeach Trump and protect Mueller’s investigation.

We call together in solidarity. As consumers, we call and non-cooperate. We overload their phones with calls and deny them service; we shut down Bank of America and Merrill Lynch with a peaceful phone protest. We call Bank America and Merrill Lynch in such numbers with such frequency that we cut off their lines of communications, disrupt business and cut off their cash flow. We encourage customers—even Trump supporters—to take their money out of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch to be safe.

When we phone protest and block communications at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch with calls and e-mails, we are in a position of advantage. We have the leverage to force the breakup of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch and bring Congress to the bargaining table. This gives us the leverage to compel Congress to impeach Trump and end this insanity.


Marc Keyser is the author of, and he’s on Twitter at TheResistance


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