Imagine a Better California: Vote Green Party

Imagine a Better California: Vote Green Party
Image by Fresno County Green Party at a march against the Iraq War via Flickr Creative Commons

By Richard Gomez

“Imagine a California where there is no more poverty, no more failing prison system, no more poisoning of our eco-system, free healthcare for all, free quality education and art, music, theater, writing and festivals in every neighborhood.”—Luis J. Rodriguez, Green Party candidate for Governor (

This scenario can make it happen if you vote Green Party.

Jena Goodman, Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor (, is a UC Davis student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biological anthropology and ecology. She is currently a student liaison to the student representative who serves on the University of California Board of Regents. If elected, she would serve on the University of California Board of Regents, the California State University Board of Trustees and the Commission for Economic Development. Her platform includes restoring free classes at California’s community colleges and universities and promoting a green economy.

Imagine a UC student engaged in the decisions made for college students.

David Curtis, Green Party candidate for Secretary of State (, stands for the following:

  • Fair elections: Get money out of politics.
  • Help state and local businesses: Recognize local legalization of cannabis; ban GMOs or require producers to label GMOs; transition to organic methods.
  • Improve the environment: Close all nuclear power facilities in California.
  • System reform: Recalibrate the minimum wage for today’s cost of living; single-payer healthcare; end the death penalty; end prolonged solitary confinement; release those held for nonviolent substance use where appropriate.

How long have we been making these demands?

“California cannot solve its budget problems by slashing services that have already been cut to the bone or raising sales taxes that hurt the poor far more than the rich. We are fighting over a pie that remains too small. The pie itself needs to be expanded—and it can be by reclaiming that portion that is now siphoned off in interest and bank fees. How can that money be recaptured? By owning the bank.”—Ellen Brown, Green Party candidate for Treasurer (

There is a solution where the money stays in California and does not go to Wall Street: a state bank.

“We can have better health, housing, jobs, justice, education and environment, especially in California, which is still a wealthy state. It’s time we stop doing what supports the 1%. They like it when we don’t vote, or when we vote for candidates that take corporate money—which includes almost all conventional candidates. If they win, you lose.”—Laura Wells, Green Party candidate for State Controller (

Voters can never envision such ideas and goals are possible, yet your vote means more. Green Party candidates take no money from Corporate America making your votes mean more than money.

Imagine if California voters supported the Green Party candidates; the political world would be overwhelmed. Will the media say that people got fed up with the major parties’ dishonesty and manipulation or that the people have revolted against their corporate masters? The political/economic world will discover fear unknown since the Depression. Your vote and that of the voters of California can be the votes heard round the world.


Richard Gomez is a council member of the Fresno County Green Party. Contact him at 559-408-3320,, or via the Green Party Web site (


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