Hundreds March Demanding Fair Redistricting Maps

Hundreds March Demanding Fair Redistricting Maps
“Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Voto!” (Our Valley, Our Vote!)

On Saturday, December 4, hundreds of people marched in Fresno demanding fair redistricting maps. The event was led by Dolores Huerta, the iconic 91 years-old leader.

Board of Supervisors districts are being redrawn, which happens every 10 years after the Census. A redistricting commission appointed by supervisors rejected a new district map in October that was backed by community-based organizations, instead advancing three others to the board.

Dolores Huerta, speaking to the crowd, said that if Supervisors don’t listen to the community, then legal action might follow.

All photos by Peter Maiden

An indigenous dancer performs prior to the start of the march
The Youth Team of the Dolores Huerta Foundation
Olga Loza makes the march lively with a bullhorn.
Dolores Huerta, at the rally in Courthouse Park
Dolores Huerta speaks at the rally after the March for Our Future, which she organized.


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