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Biden and His Political Suicide

Eduardo Stanley

The 2024 elections will be crucial for the political and social stability of the country. If Trump wins, we will head toward a de facto dictatorship and a degradation of the country’s fragile democracy. In itself, it is an aberration that someone who faces so many serious accusations in the courts can run for the White House. That speaks badly of our democracy.

Biden won the presidency by a wide margin in 2020. He got off to a good start in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and later handled inflation well. Employment improved, and the country’s economic situation remains stable.

These are not small things.

However, in recent months the political credit of these achievements has declined significantly due to Biden’s behavior regarding the Gaza-Israel conflict.

Following the Hamas attack on Israel, on Oct. 7, the response of the Israeli government has been considered extreme and global indignation is expressed daily in massive demonstrations in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza and against the extermination of Palestine.

But Biden did not hesitate to hug the controversial Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu—a far-right politician, who like Trump faces corruption charges—and promise more military and financial aid to Israel, something totally unnecessary given Israel’s significant military superiority in the region and the annual financial aid from the United States to Israel already in place.

For many, Israel’s response against Gaza—the region from where Hamas attacked Israel—is excessive, with more than 25,000 Palestinian deaths, including thousands of children. The marches in favor of ending the war—which, by the way, Israel has extended to Syria and Lebanon—are the result of the global rejection of Israel’s behavior. And many of the young people participating in the marches also repudiate Biden’s support for Israel.

In other words, Biden and the Democrats are losing thousands of voters every day. They might not vote for Trump, but they could opt not to vote in November 2024. And that is a threat to Biden’s reelection aspirations. Furthermore, these same young people do not feel represented by the obsolete, boring and uncreative structure of our government. And the Democrats are doing little or nothing to address this situation.

Therefore, demagogues’ promise of “something different” is well received by thousands of young people.

Ignoring this situation is not a solution.

Democrats have problems and do not want to see them or act to fix them.


  • Eduardo Stanley

    Eduardo Stanley is the editor of the Community Alliance newspaper, a freelance journalist for several Latino media outlets and a Spanish-language radio show host at KFCF in Fresno. He is also a photographer. To learn more about his work, visit

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