Fresno Greens Begin Anew in 2010

Fresno Greens Begin Anew in 2010
Image by Fresno County Green Party at a march against the Iraq War via Flickr Creative Commons

“So flower power didn’t work, okay, we start again.”—John Lennon

Richard Gomez
Richard Gomez

The Fresno County Green Party is reenergizing itself from within and looks forward to a successful rebuilding effort in 2010. In a true democracy or republic, you have to keep fighting for a better life, and we have been fighting, mostly among ourselves, for a long time. Oh, it’s not easy being Green and we’ve made mistakes, but we’re pioneering the path for good government.

The California Green Party, which turns 20 years old on February 4, continues to support the rights and freedom of people and advocates the sharing and respect of the many different kinds of lives on this planet.

The Green Party for years has struggled against the injustice that our government was supposed to make right. Our economic warlords chant daily that to have wealth you need poverty and to have extreme wealth you need extreme poverty. This is not capitalism, or communism, or socialism; this is a religion of greed and theft.

We continue to fight to change the economic structure so that no family will go without basic needs and no opportunities shall be denied to those who wish to work for their betterment. The privatization of basic necessities is cruel and inhuman punishment. There’s no doubt the future benefits of a good education that is free to all far outweigh today’s costs for that education. A single-payer healthcare model has proven elsewhere to be cheaper, more effective and create more jobs. War is wrong and only an honest negotiation for just settlements will bring us real peace.

We dare not surrender for the situation will only worsen unless more of us fight back. Thus, our biggest need will always be people who really care about our world, our state and our neighborhoods.

In California, the Green Party succeeds because people are willing to stand up and vote Green and not give in to the big corporate parties. We have 34 elected Green officials in various local positions in California and more than 200 nationwide.

In 2009, we all should have learned that nothing has really changed except that the President is a black man. That’s nice, but it hasn’t stopped us from continuing to be robbed of our past, present and future.

In 2010, the California Green Party has seven candidates running for statewide office, all of which want to bring about a better California. We must gain momentum in the months and years to come, and we need your support. Many exciting things are happening at the state and local levels within the California Green Party, and now is a great time to get involved. So remember if at first, we don’t succeed, we try again until we do succeed.

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Richard Gomez is active in the Fresno County Green Party. Contact him at 559-269-3828 or


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