Fresnans Against Fracking Is Organized

Fresnans Against Fracking Is Organized
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By Gary Lasky

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Fifteen Fresno activists met on June 10 to share concerns about the impending “fracking” boom in the San Joaquin Valley and launched a new group, Fresnans Against Fracking. The group promises to take on this fight as part of a city-by-city campaign to stop fracking in California. Local residents are urged to take back control of the environment and communities from the oil companies.

The group will host a Fracking Forum on July 13 at 6 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno (2672 E. Alluvial Ave.). Fracking activists from Los Angeles County will share their experience of neighborhoods where fracking is an everyday experience and how they are turning the tide. Recently, Whittier Hills Oil Watch won a court ruling against a local oil project.

The oil industry has plans to launch unprecedented exploitation of the Monterey shale formation under the West Side of the Valley. Industrial-scale oil drilling could sacrifice public health and environmental health for fleeting profits that are siphoned off, without jobs for local residents.

The group will launch a petition campaign and needs volunteers to help circulate the petitions in Fresno County. For more information or to volunteer, contact Gary Lasky at 559-790-3495 or


Gary Lasky is an environmental and community activist in Fresno. Contact him at or 559-790-3495.


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