Exercise Your Right to Vote in Person


The back-and-forth regarding vote-by-mail and in person voting has become a bore. As has been discovered by Americans now that Ms. Liberty’s skirts have been lifted by a perverted, lascivious, dubious, duplicitous, racist President, even law and justice and equal rights have two sides. The accusations of voter fraud are true, albeit not to the extent promoted by the administration. On the opposite side, there supposedly are tight constraints and strict policies that guide honorable voting practices among Americans.

For every Pelosi there is a Loeffler. For every Cuomo there is a Santis. For every police officer that engages in corruption and abuse of power there is a decent human being wearing a uniform. For every John Lewis there is conniving Gaetz and Barr protecting their own agenda, be it profit or delusions of power. For every governor, there is a ruler. For every Greta Thurber there is a Donald Trump.

Among all segments of the population, be it Hispanics and Whites and African Americans, or suburbanites and inner-city residents, or plutocrats and peons, or evangelists and Trump’s Antifa—there are two sides of the coin. 

In a national population where more than 43% have low literacy rates and the remedial education costs exceed $1 billion to serve 40%–60% who “graduated” from high school, the level of sophistication when it comes to understanding civil directives is extremely low. Simply take measure of the “wisdom” and “knowledge” issuing from a body called “Government.” Do not place blame for the consequences of natural diseases on mere past graduates of America’s schools—they don’t deserve the credit. Don’t flatter them. 

Let us take matters into our own hands. The administration is deaf to the call for help. It has been deaf for a past term, at all levels of government. It may be true that the administration is crippling the mail system to hamper voting by mail by not providing baseline support to ensure the mail runs. It is also true that the government, drowning in paperwork, debates instead of acting. Americans can take a stand.

Few polling stations and longer lines will be the norm. Accept it. It is for the citizens to simply take the bull by the horns and deny the federal administration the power to destroy a democratic process.

All of those who consider the virus a hoax, stand in line and vote in person. If you worry about the virus, stand in line and vote in person, just be safe. Voting by mail is a convenience, but Americans have fostered and promoted self-entitlement for way too long. The world does not revolve around Americans.

For one day in your life, find a polling station, flaunt or ridicule the virus, and cast a vote that cannot be questioned at the end. If you can vote, exercise your right to vote in person. This is not an easy request or task that Americans are being asked to undertake. We have lived the easy life too long. Suffer. For a day. Take a risk. For a day.

Trample hatred and duplicity and heinous egregiousness beneath the feet of what America used to be, and can be again. Let those who “fight” for us—Obama, AOC, Biden, Harris, Romney, Republican and Democrat alike—stand in line and vote, to show us the way.

If the election goes awry, let it be because of a lack of citizen participation and effort. Not because the mail did not get delivered.

Javier Aguirre, Lindsay


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