Dolores Huerta Foundation – December 2018

Dolores Huerta Foundation
Dolores Huerta Foundation

DHF and Vecinos Unidos

Dolores Huerta Foundation thanks the 350 Vecinos Unidos volunteers who helped DHF canvassers educate and inspire more than 21,000 voters in Kern, Tulare and Fresno counties to cast their votes in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

La Fundación Dolores Huerta le quiere agradecer a los 350 voluntarios de Vecinos Unidos quienes ayudaron el Equipo de Participación Cívica a educar e inspirar a más de 21,000 votantes en los condados de Kern, Tulare y Fresno a votar en las elecciones de 2018.

¡Sí Se Puede!

Dolores Huerta Foundation Seeking Nominations for Youth Initiative

The Dolores Huerta Foundation invites you to nominate your high school or a high school student for a leadership program recently initiated by the foundation. We want to extend an opportunity to the youth in the Sanger/Fresno area so that they also contribute their ideas and development with the improvement of the community in mind.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation would like to see your son and daughter participate in a transformative program that would help them understand and face community problems in their area. The program will serve as a space to increase their self-esteem and confidence to build their character so they know how to talk and interact with professionals such as teachers and official stakeholders.

The development of creativity and character of young people is important for the development of our communities. The program will focus on their creative expression and personal development, and at the same time, on the learning of the civic mechanisms and institutions that affect our families and communities every day.

To participate in the leadership program, students will attend Saturday civic and leadership classes. Participants will have community service projects and opportunities to travel to cities such as Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco, where they will talk and meet with key stakeholders who manage organizations or institutions that make decisions that affect laws and policies. We will teach your child about the importance of the environment in a practical way.

We need your support to nominate students and create a cohort for this school year. We are looking for students interested in learning more about government institutions, developing their personal character and understanding the significance of not using violence. For our program, students do not have to have good grades. We value diversity and invite students from different backgrounds to be nominated.

If you wish to nominate your student(s), please contact Elisabeth Pulido at 559-772-7729 or or Johnny Yang at 559-492-0017 or

There are no participation requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more information. There is still time to register. Contact us so that your teen can be part of our program.

Most recently, the DHF sponsored its first Days of Gratitude on Nov. 19–21 at Yosemite National Park. Youth reflected on the true meaning of gratitude and all there is to be thankful for. These are the character-building activities youth participate in as a part of the DHF Youth and Family Civic Engagement Initiative.

Want to support the work of the DHF?

DHF is currently raising funds to purchase its own van for its youth program.

With your support, the DHF organizes Central Valley communities to improve neighborhoods and transform lives. The DHF is equipped with a group of socially conscious, empowered staff ready to engage with community members who are passionate to create change in their community but who need the advocacy training and tools to share their ideas and empower their neighbors to join in the movement of justice in their schools, water infrastructure and other local community development issues. Please use the following link to make your donation today:

About the Dolores Huerta Foundation

The Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF) is a 501(c)(3) community benefit organization with a mission to inspire and organize communities to build volunteer organizations empowered to pursue social justice. The DHF organizes at the grassroots level developing natural leaders by establishing Vecinos Unidos (“Neighbors United”) chapters in California’s Central Valley region including Arvin, California City, Lamont, Lindsay, Parlier, Sanger, Weedpatch and Woodlake.

We create leadership opportunities for community organizing, leadership development and civic engagement. The DHF’s Vecinos Unidos chapters work on policy advocacy in health and environment as well as education and youth development. Learn more about the Dolores Huerta Foundation at


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