Dakota EcoGarden Recognized by the City of Fresno 

Dakota EcoGarden Recognized by the City of Fresno 

A proclamation by the Fresno City Council named Aug. 10, 2023, as Dakota EcoGarden Day in the city of Fresno. Receiving the proclamation on Aug. 10 were (left to right) Matt Gillian, Dakota EcoGarden board member; Miguel Arambula, board member; Sherry Beaty, resident; Vanessa Sanchez, resident; Mary Ann Quann, management team member; Dixie Salazar, board member; Gerry Bill (with the proclamation), board member; Gordie Ochinero-Bermudez, board member; Susannah Waidtlow Parrish (the daughter of Dakota EcoGarden founder Nancy Waidtlow, who couldn’t attend); and City Council Member Annalisa Perea, who represents the district where the Dakota EcoGarden is located. The Dakota EcoGarden is part of the Eco Village Project of Fresno, which provides safe and dignified living spaces in an environmentally sustainable manner, giving each resident the educational, emotional and physical tools, caring support and training to escape the cycle of homelessness. Photo by Peter Maiden


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