Call and Dump Trump

Call and Dump Trump
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons

By Marc Keyser

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to build the great Trump Wall across the border with Mexico and begin mass arrests and deportation of some 11 million–12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. This billionaire bigot, this arrogant demagogue, seeks to gain political power by attacking the most vulnerable in our society making them the scapegoat.

P re s u m ab l y, t h e National Guard will have to round up millions of the undocumented, herd them into boxcars like cattle and transport them to internment camps where they would sit and rot while waiting to be deported to countries that would probably refuse to accept millions of refugees. We have a problem with immigration, but we must seek realistic, humane solutions.

The outrage is there, but there is little public protest. Pope Francis said that city life can create a “deafening anonymity” in which those most in need are neglected. “Big cities conceal the faces of all those people who don’t appear to belong, or are second-class citizens.”

We are ordinary people. We talk, we text, we tweet, we Facebook. We have feelings, we have opinions, but no one in Washington and in the media has to listen. We are anonymous. We the people have no voice in the media where it matters. That is about to change.

Join the revolution and protest by phone: Call Trump Tower at 312-588-8000 over and over again and ask to speak to Mr. Trump. Of course, he will not be available, so leave messages, lots and lots and lots of messages. Social network, tweet, re-tweet, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Get the word out; tell everyone everywhere to call and dump Trump. Don’t hate, mass communicate.

Calling together en masse, we can put Trump out of business not with violence in streets, but with massive numbers of phone calls from a growing number of protesters at home and around the world. We must raise up a great army of callers and hammer Trump on the phones with millions of calls. Crash his phones, and bring down his vast corporation, abort his campaign and repudiate what he stands for.

Waiting for Trump to “self-destruct” on the campaign trail is a waste of precious time. Thinking his nutcase ideas are not setting the public agenda for extremists and will not end up becoming the law is a dangerous delusion. Trump must be stopped here and his ideas repudiated now.

We must go on the offensive. We must take to the phones. The evil aspirations of this megalomaniac must be fought. Each of us must stand up to Trump in solidarity and rebel by phone. We must not become the victims or a party to this inhumane, unconscionable, un-Christian treatment of people. The last thing America needs is Trump in the White House rewriting the Constitution, presenting insane solutions to complex social problems.

Join the phone protest. Call together in solidarity on the phones. We must take up our smartphones and stop Trump before his pronouncements become laws and before he takes over the White House. Call together, social network together. Call 312-588-8000, tie up his phones, cripple his business and derail Trump’s campaign for president.

It is not enough to admire Cesar Chavez, or let Jorge Ramos ask the tough questions, have Ricky Martin stand up for us, and be inspired by the words of Pope Francis. We must call together en masse and confront Donald Trump. We must join forces and fight back. Not by physical force but by phone; not with hate but in righteous outrage on the phones and across the Internet. We must call with conviction and keep calling en masse with steel determination until we jam his phones, disrupt his business, bankrupt his hotels and casinos, and shut Trump up.

On the phones, Trump’s goons cannot throw us out, the police cannot pepper spray or arrest us. They cannot make millions of people stop calling Donald Trump or stop social networking and inviting people around the world to join in calling to Dump Trump.

The key to a successful phone protest is righteous outrage and dogged persistence. Get on the phone and stay on the phone and keep calling. Social network and keep activating other activists to call and leave 30 messages a day and activate their followers to call and leave 30 messages a day and activate other activists around the globe.

The revolution starts with 300 dedicated callers. Three hundred activists each activating 100 other activists can bring 30,000 people to the phones. If they each make an average of 30 calls a day that is 900,000 calls a day, day after day, which is enough to flood the phones at Trump Tower, disrupt business, damage the Trump trade name, inflict financial losses and kick Trump’s ass.

Once the phone protest goes viral on the Internet, it will go global and millions of activists the world over will be invited to join in calling to Dump Trump. Trump is a danger to America and a disaster for the world.

We must join forces and rise up on the phones. Together, we can invade and overrun his fortified hotels and casinos not with battering rams, assault rifles and hand grenades, not with violence and killing, but by phone with mass communication. Calling in solidarity, we can crash the servers, cripple his cash flow and leave Trump drowning deeper and deeper in debt.

With millions of incoming calls, he is trapped. He cannot answer the phones fast enough to clear the lines. He cannot make people in the United States and around the globe stop calling, and he cannot run his corporate empire with his communication systems flooded with calls.

Our opinions matter when we call collectively, share them with Trump and crash his phones in the process. Calling together en masse, disrupting the lines of communication, we have leverage. Protesting by phone, we are safe and secure and in a position of advantage. Calling together, we have the power to bury his business alive with millions upon millions of messages. Calling together and complaining, we can unleash a growing storm of public outrage and teach Trump, the supreme sociopath, a lesson in humility and poverty. Calling in by the thousands, we are not just making idle threats and empty promises, we are crashing his phones and crippling his corporation.

Trump is not just your average billionaire bigot; he is a White Supremacist who calls Mexicans “rapists” and believes that Black lives don’t matter. Trump is one of the 1% profiting and promoting the economic exploitation of Middle America and the denial of services to the elderly and the poor. The only thing democratic about Trump is his commitment to the rich exploiting us all as much and as equally as possible. Trump is a demagogue who would pit us against one another, savage our economy, divide us all, and make our world that much more dangerous.

It would be a grave mistake to underestimate Trump and the damage this man is capable of. He is setting the political agenda for the nation; he is a force for evil, and he must be stopped.

If we can use our smartphones to order a pizza, why can’t we use our smartphones to protest? Why not revolt by phone? Calling together in solidarity, ordinary people can jam his phones and kick Trump’s ass. Calling constantly, en masse, and in solidarity by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions, we can disrupt his business and cut the ground from under him!

Don’t hate, mass communicate! On the phones calling in solidarity, we are in control; we are in a position of advantage; and we will dictate the terms of Trump’s surrender. Threats and intimidation will only polarize protesters, swell our ranks, inflame our righteous anger and steel our resolve.

We demand a humane policy for all undocumented immigrants that leads to citizenship.

We demand a substantial wage and benefit increase for the so called happy employees toiling on the Trump plantation.

Trump will bow out of the race for President, assuming he wants his business empire to survive the massive onslaught of calls crippling his communications.

!La revolucion no se ha acabado! The revolution is not over! Call and tell Trump his phones are on fire, his profits are going up in smoke and it’s time for him to get out of the race. The revolution is not over, the revolution has only just begun. Call 312-588-8000, and tell Trump to take his wall and shove it.

Reach out via OccupySoldarity@ogkeyser, #DumpTrump, #TrashTrump or


Marc Keyser is author of ANTHRAX: Shock and Awe Terror. Contact him at or visit


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