Brewery Celebrates Pride Month

Brewery Celebrates Pride Month
The Full Circle Brewery and Reel Pride partnered to create the Pride Month 2022 event. Photo courtesy of Emily Garcia
The Reel Pride Key Lime Lager produced by the Full Circle Brewery. Photo courtesy of

Throughout June, Fresno’s LGBTQIA+ community is celebrated with everything from a parade to the raising of the Pride Flag at Fresno City Hall, which occurred for the second year in a row.

The team at Full Circle Brewing Co. (712 Fulton St.) understands supporting the community and ensuring that everyone feels safe and welcome. It has had the same motto since opening in 2000: “inclusivity.”

On June 11, Full Circle released a limited edition craft beer for its Reel Pride Outside event. A two-month process focused on perfecting the flavor and label for ticketed guests to enjoy. Reel Pride Key Lime Lager was available for only one night, but it might be available longer during Pride Month 2023.

For Reel Pride Outside, guests enjoyed the classic 1988 John Waters film Hairspray, food from participating vendors and glamorous moments with featured drag queens.

The brewery and Reel Pride partnered to create this first-of-its-kind event for Fresno. Pride Month 2022 was Full Circle’s first foray into hosting such an event, thereby underscoring the acceptance of the pride community in Fresno’s Brewery District.

“It was a no-brainer for us to use our beer garden to have them watching the movie, drinking beer and having fun with family and friends,” says Tea Gonzalez, community liaison for Full Circle.

Some of the proceeds acquired from the label and beer will be donated back to the Reel Pride organization.

Being about the people means having something for everyone. Full Circle hosts a wide variety of events such as punk rock, hip-hop and bluegrass shows.

A burlesque show took place on June 21. The company also plans a domino tournament, where community members can challenge the Full Circle staff.

As the oldest brewery in Fresno, Full Circle showcases its inclusiveness while combining both new and old school interests.

“It’s in our name, it’s full circle,” says Gonzalez. “We want everyone to come back again and participate and not allow for things to only happen once.”

On June 14, Namaste for Compassion was another Pride Month event held at Full Circle. Guests of all ages and yoga skill levels participated and were encouraged to tip the instructors. Those tips were again donated back to Reel Pride.

A dollar target for those donations is never stated because they believe that even the smallest sum can make a difference. Full Circle hopes that it can set an example for larger businesses to begin giving back to the community.

Being able to host events for the community and showcase the importance of a helping hand is already a win in their book. Establishing themselves was no easy task, but 20 years into the journey Full Circle has earned its communal seal of approval.

Pride celebrations have been a recurring tradition in Fresno for more than three decades. 


  • Emily Garcia

    Emily Garcia is a fellow of the Community Alliance newspaper. She is a journalism and mass communications major at Fresno State.

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