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Gift Descriptions

Wild edibles book cover

Wild Edibles of Fresno County by Mike Rhodes

Read about how to use the many wild plants and herbs available for free in California’s Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada mountains. The descriptions and photos will help you identify what is growing all around you. Want to add a wild edible to your salad? Miners lettuce can be found almost everywhere in the early spring. Don’t get stung by nettle, learn how to eat it. Make yourself a cup of tea from the chamomile you found in the foothills. This book will get you started on a new adventure as you learn to identify the abundant plants and herbs available for the taking.

Hidden in Plain Sight book cover

Hidden in Plain Sight by Richard Stone

All too often, progressives in Fresno who work for peace, social and economic justice are ignored by the mainstream media. By telling these stories — originally published in Fresno’s Community Alliance newspaper — Richard Stone has given us all a gift of immeasurable value. The articles remind us of the passion these community activists have; Stone’s compilation of these stories validates both the work they have done and the work many continue to do. If you find that some of the people in this book are unknown to you, that is because they have been hidden in plain sight.

Inside book cover

Inside the Broken California Prison System by Boston Woodard

Inside the Broken California Prison System by veteran jailhouse journalist Boston Woodard provides an insider’s view of California’s dysfunctional prison industrial complex in crisis. With the harshest sentencing laws, toughest parole policy, and highest recidivism rate in the nation, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is a failure on all counts except for those who profit from the $10 billion spent annually to maintain it. Woodard describes how it came to this, as well as the day-to-day reality of the impact on prisoners in a corrupt system effectively accountable to no one. Inside the Broken California Prison System is a collection of more than 40 articles originally published over a period of six years in the Community Alliance.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Syrian Recipes from Home by Nour Al Mushantaf

“[My story] is the tale of an unplanned life—one that has earned us the label of ‘refugees’ and has taken us to a foreign land far away from our family and friends,” writes Nour in the book’s introduction. “My hope in recording the recipes and stories in this book is that it will help keep Syrian traditions alive for my children and fellow Syrians who flee our homeland with nothing but our memories.” Food is an important element of most cultures. By sharing her recipes, Nour gives us not only the opportunity to prepare delicious dishes but to take a glance at a little-known culture. Syrian Recipes from Home offers a wide array of Syrian and Arabic dishes, from the traditional hummus to the sophisticated mahashee, or from grilled chicken to burghul bedfeen.

Strange Vine Print

Strange Vine in Concert

12” x 18” color photo of one of the most iconic music bands of Fresno.

Taken February 29, 2020, during the band’s performance at The Independent (San Francisco) by photographer Tudor Stanley ( Strange Vine is Ian Blesse (drums, Rhodes piano) and Toby Cordova (guitars). They both compose and sing. Strange Vine is an original and magnetic fusion of blues, rock and psychedelic. They meet at high school and since then they didn’t stop playing their music and bringing it to many cities and festivals around the country.They shared stage with artists such as Cage The Elephant, Band of Skulls, The Growlers, B.B. King, White Denim, Delta Spirit, and many more. Currently they are working on the release of a full length album.


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