August 2001


August 2001

Table of Contents

Page 1 We Are Rising Up!

Page 2 Letters to the Editor Gene Tuck

Page 2 The Right Stuff From the Left

Page 3 We are Rising Up!

Page 4 Way of Peace Awards for 2001

Page 5 Dooley Selling out to Bush & Corporate Greed by Laura McSpedon

Page 6 Fresno Mirror of a Nation Separated by Nona Harris

Page 7 One Man’s Foreign Aid Program by Pat Young

Page 8 & 9 Picnic of Services in Roeding Park by Valta Pointer

Page 10 Valley Greens Elect New Reps by Michael Feliciano

Page 10 Someone You Know and Love is Gay by Robin Greiner

Page 11 GAP Sweatshop Protests by Gabrielle Kirkland

Page 11 Cop exposes Police State at Fresno State by Bob Fischer

Page 12 KFCF Studio Move Stalled by Vicki Fouts

Page 12 Framework for Restorative Justice by Vicki Fouts

Page 12 Fish genes in your strawberries, frankenburg bosses fight labeling

Page 13 August 2001 Events

Page 14 The Fresno Center For Nonviolence Sponsored Page

Page 15 & 16 Escape the Energy Pirates by Mary Hilpert, Maia Ballis and Alan Cheah

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