9/11: Black Op by Rogue Network within the Military/Industrial Complex

9/11: Black Op by Rogue Network within the Military/Industrial Complex
Carl Bosco

By Carl Bosco

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, it was immediately evident that several shooters had done the job, not just Lee Harvey Oswald and his cheap rifle with the twisted sight. But the presence of several shooters pointed to a well-planned conspiracy, and to admit a conspiracy existed would destroy the lone gunman story.

To explain away the many shots that were fired, the “magic bullet theory” was invented. As with Moses’ “Burning Bush,” this magic bullet defied all the laws of physics and common sense, making a couple of abrupt angular turns as it passed through President Kennedy’s neck and tie knot, Governor John Connally’s (also in the limo) chest and wrist, breaking a rib and forearm, embedding itself in the Governor’s thigh. Best of all—when the bullet was found on a stretcher at the Parkland hospital, it was in near pristine condition with not a scratch on it.

On 9/11, a 125-foot wide Boeing jetliner supposedly crashed into the Pentagon, disappearing through a 14-foot wide hole, and all the passengers and the plane were completely vaporized. Apparently, none of the hundreds of Pentagon security cameras was able to get a picture of the plane crashing into the building, while we know that neighborhood 7/11 stores always catch the thief on camera.

Owner of the World Trade Center Larry Silverstein admitted that he and the firefighters decided to “pull” Building 7 (demolish it by explosives) because of fears of losing more lives. A hundred witnesses said they heard explosions going off in the Towers before the planes hit. A countdown was heard by first responders on a radio and people were told to leave the area because “the building was going to come down.” Controlled demolition.

Yes, three towers collapsed that day, not two. The third one wasn’t hit by a plane but it came down exactly like the others. In one news clip, a British TV anchorwoman was shown announcing that Building 7 (the third tower) had already collapsed, even though you could see the building right next to her left shoulder in the distance. The building came down 20 minutes later! The BBC would not even attempt to explain this glitch.

In Shanksville, Pennsylvania, another liner dove into the ground and totally disappeared without a trace. Evidence suggests strongly that it was the only plane that had indeed been shot down.

You don’t need to be told that this is the stuff that fairy tales are made of. As farfetched as the fairy tale is, it must be believed; otherwise, we are faced with a much darker proposition: the existence of a clandestine, radical rogue network capable of mass murder and holding our government hostage.

People can’t keep a secret that big for that long!

Not true. People are so confounded by media and government lies that secrets can now be kept right out in the open without consequences. TV is owned by a small handful of people dedicated to the needs of Wall Street and the bankers, not the people. Do you think Eisenhower was joking when he warned us against the “military/industrial complex”?

The Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb, was a secret held successfully by several thousand people for decades.

The phony Gulf of Tonkin incident that got the United States into the Vietnam War, is still not exposed for the fraud that it was.

Operation Northwoods, an “open secret,” was a plan by the joint chiefs of staff designed to discredit Castro’s Cuba. The plan involved flying military drones painted to look like regular airliners, blow them up and then blame it on the Cubans, to give the military an excuse for invading Cuba.

Do you remember the young Kuwaiti girl who came before the U.S. Congress and wiped away tears as she related how a group of Iraqi soldiers brutally threw babies out of their incubators onto the cold floor to die? The whole story was a fabrication by the advertising team of Hill and Knowlton, which was paid to coach the girl (the Kuwaiti ambassador’s niece). Have you heard this story corrected on TV? Of course not. And this incident was one of the most compelling excuses for attacking Iraq.

If a real investigation into 9/11 ever gains traction, the terrorists will strike again, but they won’t be Muslim extremists. They will be the same people who refused to scramble airplanes to the World Trade Center on 9/11, who knew the secret codes to Air Force 1 and informed George W. Bush that “Angel” would be next, who threw out the testimony of anyone that questioned the official conspiracy theory.


Carl S. Bosco has been practicing naturopathic chiropractic for more than 30 years and is a former director of the Yosemite Health Retreat in Coarsegold. Contact him at UnCensoredNews@sti.net or 559-760-4199.


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