2020 Elections Results: Biden Wins, California Remains Blue

2020 Elections Results: Biden Wins, California Remains Blue
Celebrating the election of Biden and Harris on Olive Street. Photo by Peter Maiden.

Community Alliance Staff

On Nov. 7, 2020, the news arrived early in the morning: America has a new president: Joe Biden. The announcement came right after Biden was declared the winner in Pennsylvania, giving him the Electoral College votes needed for victory. Thus, the Democratic team of Biden-Harris will lead our country for the next four years.

Kamala Harris, an Oakland native, will be the first female vice president.

As of today, Nov. 9, votes are still being counted in several states in which no winner has been announced. However, this will not change who will be our 46th president as Biden has a significant lead in the Electoral College, as well as a significant advantage in the popular vote.

In most areas, the election results are not yet final so the actual totals could change throughout the counting process as vote-by-mail ballots, provisional ballots (including conditional voter registration provisional ballots) and other ballots are tallied.

Popular Vote

Biden-Harris 75,644,442; Trump-Pence 71,055,899

Electoral College

Biden-Harris 290; Trump-Pence 214 (270 needed to win)


Biden-Harris 9,323,857; Trump-Pence 4,812,483

In the Central Valley:

U.S. House District 16

Jim Costa 59.3% (declared winner); Kevin Cookingham 40.7%

U.S. House District 21

David Valadao 51.8%; TJ Cox 48.2%

U.S. House District 22

Devin Nunes 54.2% (declared winner); Phil Arballo 45.8%

U.S. House District 23

Kevin McCarthy 58.2% (declared winner); Kim Mangone 41.8%

California propositions:

Prop 14 (Bonds to Continue Stem Cell Research) YES

Prop 15 (Property Tax to Fund Schools, Government Services) NO

Prop 16 (Affirmative Action in Government Decisions) NO

Prop 17 (Restores Right to Vote After Prison Term) YES

Prop 18 (17-Year-Old Primary Voting Rights) NO

Prop 19 (Changes Certain Property Tax Rules) YES

Prop 20 (Parole Restrictions for Certain Offenses) NO

Prop 21 (Expands Governments’ Authority to Rent Control) NO

Prop 22 (App-Based Drivers and Employee Benefits) YES

Prop 23 (State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics) NO

Prop 24 (Amends Consumer Privacy Laws) YES

Prop 25 (Eliminates Money Bail System) NO



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