2016 Green Party Presidential Candidates

2016 Green Party Presidential Candidates
From left to right: William Kreml, Derryl Cherney, Sedinam Kinamo Christin

By Richard Gomez

Yes, the Green Party has candidates for the 2016 Presidential election. Although all the talk on radio and television is about Bernie Sanders’ activities, Hillary Clinton’s misfortune and the Republican clown car, the Greens are getting ignored again despite having five candidates. Below are the current Green Party candidates.

Jill Stein

Jill Stein was the Green Party’s 2012 candidate for President. She is an organizer, a physician and a pioneering environmental-health advocate. She has led initiatives promoting healthy communities, local green economies and the revitalization of democracy—addressing issues such as campaign finance reform, green jobs, racially just redistricting and the cleanup of incinerators, coal plants and toxics. She is a mother and a longtime teacher of internal medicine. Visit www. jill2016.com/.

Derryl Cherney

Derryl Cherney has a diverse resume: Earth First!, f ilm producer, singer/songwriter, litigant versus the FBI, car-bomb survivor, PR guy for the Redwoods, healthcare advocate, apple farmer, an MS in urban education. He states that “as part of my ‘Eighth Amendment Project,’ I will end this practice of asset forfeiture without even a crime committed nonetheless a conviction. The ‘8th’ protects us from unreasonable fines and bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment. This is the kind of thing that’s been happening in Ferguson and around the entire country. Cops stealing from the people in order to fund themselves.” Visit www.facebook. com/DarrylCherneyforPresidentExploratory.

Bill Kreml

William “Bill” Kreml is professor emeritus at the University of South Carolina. He has been involved in politics since the early 1980s. In response to a Facebook query, he stated the following: “Let us never forget that it was the Democratic President Lyndon Johnson who created what was known as the ‘unified budget’ in fiscal 1969, designed to cover up Vietnam expenditures by destroying the firewalls of the various trust funds (there were over 100, Social Security being only the most talked about), thus rolling all expenditures into one big ball. [President George W.] Bush made it worse with his tax cuts for the rich and the wars although [President Ronald] Reagan’s tax cuts didn’t help either. Both parties have done enormous harm to our country.” Contact Kreml at billkreml@ gmail.com or 803-800-5953.

SKCM Curry

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry was born in south Los Angeles and has a 27-year working relationship with the country of Ghana and many other places in the world. Her message to the people, especially those of color, is that “we are green—the color of the earth.” She is expected to officially announce later this year. Visit www.facebook.com/ msskcmcury.

Kent Mesplay

Kent Mesplay, a biomedical engineer, is seeking the Green Party presidential nomination for the fourth consecutive election. He is a strong advocate for Native American rights and the protection of sacred lands. Visit www. facebook.com/prezkent?fref=ts.

View videos of the Green Party at http://original.livestream. com/greenpartyus. View the recent Green Party Presidential Forum at http://original. livestream.com/greenpartyus/ video?clipId=pla_8cd8e9b5-28f6- 4eb9-858a-9267a2ba90a7&utm_ s o u rc e = l s l i b r a r y & u t m _ medium=ui-thumb.


Richard Gomez is a council member of the Fresno County Green Party. Contact him at 559-408- 3320, richardgomez136@yahoo. com, richard.gomez.9843@facebook.com or via the Green Party Web site (http://FresnoGreen. localgreenparty.org).


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