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Community Slows Tax Renewals

Sales tax renewal efforts in Fresno and Madera counties hit historic roadblocks in May and have no chance of success at the ballot this year. Running on 20th century plans for the future, the renewal [...] Continue Reading

College Students with Criminal Records

In my recent study of California college students with criminal records (CSCR), we are invited to bear witness to one way that decolonizing practices can unfold in higher education institutions. In [...] Continue Reading

Abolish the S-Word in Place Names

In 2019, in remembrance of Hanna Harris, the U.S. Senate designated her birthday, May 5, as the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Harris was just 21 and a [...] Continue Reading

Some Thoughts on the Abortion Issue

Basically, abortion or anti-abortion is a religious concept. Many anti-abortionists claim that a soul is present immediately upon conception. Many of those who favor abortion do not believe that there [...] Continue Reading