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Outrage of the Month

By: Mike Rhodes It is always sad when you see a bully taking advantage of someone who is weak and powerless. It is even more upsetting when that bully is the City of Fresno, whose employees are being [...] Continue Reading

When Shoestrings Come Untied

By: Kelly Borkert On February 19, a fund-raiser for Fresno Food Not Bombs will take place at the Full Circle Brewery (620 F Street, just north of Ventura and east of the Highway 99 exit). Blake Jones [...] Continue Reading

Aid to Haiti: Where Does Our Money Go?

By: Patrick Young With over 200,000 dead and a collapsed city, Haiti is desperate for help. The pervasive poverty Haitians have been living with for years is now past the breaking point. With few [...] Continue Reading

Reaping Riches in a Wretched Region

By: Lloyd Carter Subsidized Industrial Farming and Its Link to Perpetual Poverty This two-part series shows how a long American tradition of helping small farmers has, in the past few decades in the [...] Continue Reading

Green Washing the Milk

By: Robert Gammon Editor's Note: This article was originally printed in the East Bay Express The organic dairy industry has fallen on rough financial times in the past year. Small farmers have been [...] Continue Reading

Locked Up, But Not Forgotten

By: Bill Sanford and Maria Telesco On the wall, a sign said: Goal 3,900. That was the number of Ziploc bags to be filled for the inmates of the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in [...] Continue Reading