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Where Am I?

By Maria Telesco On election night, a TV pundit proclaimed, “Tomorrow, half the people will be happy, and the other half will be angry.” The problem is, he failed to tell me which group I’d be in, [...] Continue Reading

Journey to Freedom

By Maria Telesco What would you do if your sister was convicted of murder and sentenced to death? If there was no body found, no blood, no “missing person” report, no evidence that a murder had even [...] Continue Reading

Death Without the Possibility of Parole

Community Alliance Writer Thrown in the Hole (Again) By Mike Rhodes Days before going to press we learned that our colleague Boston Woodard has been put into solitary confinement. Woodard, who writes [...] Continue Reading

The Guilty Governor and the Prison Boom

By Catherine Campbell (Author’s note: This is part two and the last section of an article that began in the November issue of the Community Alliance. Part one covered the period of California prison [...] Continue Reading