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Grassroots Profile

I remember when I first met Camille Russell. A group of us peaceniks was picketing against the bombing of Kosovo on what we now call “Peace Corner” at Shaw and Blackstone, and there was a newcomer [...] Continue Reading

Meeting Energizes Peace Community

On the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the peace movement in our politically conservative San Joaquin Valley got a big boost. One hundred [...] Continue Reading

Where Was the Proof?

Prior to the March 2003 assault on Iraq, there never was real proof that Saddam/Iraq had serious, deployable weapons of mass destruction (WMD)—the type of proof that was given to the American public [...] Continue Reading

End the War

So that U.S military deaths are decreased 6,392 in Iraq and Afghanistan and Civilian deaths are decreased. 869,720 in Iraq and Afghanistan So that The Pentagon budget is decreased. Current Pentagon [...] Continue Reading

How to End Wars

Around the United States, peace groups are engaged in effective campaigns against proposed new military installations, local funding of weapons companies, and the routine destruction of the [...] Continue Reading

War and Antiwar

War Some people say Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have now become Obama's wars. But to be honest, we live in a democracy and "we the people" have allowed the wars, so there is blame to share. We [...] Continue Reading

Peace Community Dinner

This June, after 104 months of combat, Afghanistan passed Vietnam as America's longest war! For those of us who seek a just foreign policy and a world in which every child and every person can [...] Continue Reading