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Letters to the Editor

{Editor’s note: We received a lot of letters to the editor in response to the December story we ran about the conflict at KPFA and how it will affect KFCF 88.1 FM in Fresno. Below are some of those [...] Continue Reading

What the *%&@ Is Going on at KPFA?

Pacifica Removes Morning Show, Fires Hosts Talking about KPFA is a little like asking someone, “So, what’s up in the Balkans and why are these people fighting?”—Conn Hallinan What if you turned on [...] Continue Reading

Video Remix Festival in January

“Oil and War” will be the theme of a first-of-its-kind Critical Remix Festival. The festival and gallery opening will take place January 6, 2011, at 5 p.m. at Gallery 25 (660 Van Ness Ave.) in [...] Continue Reading

From the Communications Side

There are foreboding winds stirring in the electronic media world: A virtual battle of titans approaches as the major telecommunications, data and video providers determine the future flow and [...] Continue Reading

Progressive News Briefs

Fresno Police Violate Federal Court Order Protecting the Homeless In January of this year, the City of Fresno violated the settlement agreement protecting homeless people from having their property [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Filmmaking Guerrilla-Style

If you’re a local filmmaker and thought it safe to make a film without the City of Fresno’s official approval––even on private property with the owner’s permission––think again. At least that’s what [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Last month, president Barack Obama and the corporate media cheerfully announced the end of the war in Iraq. The progressive and antiwar movement rejects this declaration and has concerns about the [...] Continue Reading