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Run to Save Wa-Ha-Lish

By: Vic Bedoian Jesse Morrow Mountain is a unique local landmark. Standing 20 miles east of Fresno, along with its neighbor, Campbell Mountain, it forms the gateway to Kings Canyon-Sequoia National [...] Continue Reading

Progressive News Briefs

Video Surveillance Increases with no Accountability By: Mike Rhodes Mayor Ashley Swearengin announced on April 14 that the city has placed an additional 10 video surveillance cameras in downtown [...] Continue Reading

Progressive News Briefs

A Walk Through Fresno's Downtown Homeless Encampments By: Mike Rhodes I took a journalist from the Bay Area on a walking tour of the homeless encampments. I have to admit that it has been a couple of [...] Continue Reading

Progressive News Briefs

By: Mike Rhodes The Separation of Church and State The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has warned Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin that sectarian prayers used to open Fresno City Council [...] Continue Reading

Central Valley Water Forum

By: Jean Hays Do you give a dam (or a levee) about the fact that you, as a taxpayer, might be paying for more than $11 billion worth of water-related expenses that may or may not be needed in [...] Continue Reading

A Nuke in Fresno’s Stocking?

By: David Weisman He wasn’t wearing a red suit or sporting a full white beard, but Santa Claus did drop into Fresno last December. Adopting the more recognizable form of John Hutson, he stepped from [...] Continue Reading