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Electric Car Sharing

By Tom Frantz I walk up to four compact SUVs parked in front of the Community Center building at the Sunset Villa Apartments in Wasco. I need a car to drive around the north side of town for about [...] Continue Reading

Two Dirty Secrets

By Tom Frantz Governor Gavin Newsom has made it clear that his administration intends “to manage the decline in fossil fuel production and consumption in California in a way that is economically [...] Continue Reading

The View from Above

By Tom Frantz On a Saturday morning in early November, several people, including myself, boarded a Cessna T210 for a flight around the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley. The Valley was in the [...] Continue Reading

We Must Choose Our Future

By Tom Frantz There is overwhelming scientific consensus on global warming. Since the Industrial Revolution, our planet has warmed about one degree Celsius. We already have witnessed significant [...] Continue Reading

Oil Production Blues

By Tom Frantz California’s 140-year-old oil company, Chevron, has been in the spotlight recently in Kern County. It is not good news. Chevron is in the process of losing a significant chunk of the [...] Continue Reading