Filing a Complaint Against the Police or the Sheriff


By Community Alliance Staff

If you have a complaint you want to file against the Fresno Police Department, visit and fill out the form. Be sure to fill it out completely and state all facts relevant to your complaint. The filing of a complaint is not a mandatory prerequisite to filing a lawsuit, but be sure to do it if you have a complaint whether you intend to file a lawsuit or not. It should be submitted as soon as possible after the event.

Although an investigation of your complaint will not necessarily take place, the complaint itself will be retained for some time. If the officers involved are later part of the prosecution of another person, your claim will be found by that person’s defense attorney and you may be called as a witness regarding that officer’s behavior in relation to you. You may save someone else from a wrongful prosecution. It is important to always file a complaint if you have been treated wrongfully by an officer.

Filing a Tort Claim Against the Police or the Sheriff
If you believe you might have a lawsuit against the Fresno Police Department, it is essential you complete what is called a “tort claim” within six months of the incident. The six-month deadline on filing your tort claim is mandatory, and it is difficult to have it set aside.

To complete a tort claim against the Fresno City Police Department:

Visit, then select the following:

  • Select the “Government” link located toward the top center of the page next to the “For Visitors” link.
  • Select the “Department Directory” link.
  • Select the “Risk Management” link under “Personnel Services.”
  • Select the “Claim for Damages Form” link.

Note: You cannot save a completed copy of this form. You will only be able to fill out the form and print. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records.

If you believe you have a lawsuit against the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department, you can fill out a tort claim at

Both agencies will thereafter notify you of the response to your claim (almost all will be denied) and, most important, the date by which you must file your lawsuit. The date the lawsuit must be filed is mandatory, and there is absolutely no way around it.

To pick up and/or submit your tort claims in person:

Fresno Police Department:

Risk Management Division in City Hall
2600 Fresno St., Room 1070
Fresno, CA 93721

Fresno County Sheriff’s Department:

Fresno County Board of Supervisors
2281 Tulare St., Suite 301, Hall of Records
Fresno, CA 93721-2198

  • I have been through this process with Santa Clara County Police.
    My experience, I hope, was the exception to the “norm”. I would love to communicate with people who have been or are going through this process in Fresno County. Maybe we can offer one another support.

    • Screwed over by SCC Sheriff

      Can you tell me what happened with your complaint against the Santa Clara County Police?
      Also, can you clarify if this was the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department or if you are referring to the Santa Clara Police Department

      She sheriffs lost all the evidence I submitted, can you believe that?

    • NativeFresno

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  • SamstheNAME

    Forget about filing any complaint about any police department, they don’t care and have each others back. My dad was a cop and they always stay with the code blue and protect each other. Fresno county has the worst record for unlawful arrests, aggravation, DUI, they don’t give a shit about people.

    But if you have money and are connected they are hands off. Otherwise you are nothing to them. If anything, you complain about them they will set you up on false charges.

  • TrueDetective

    Why would anyone ask on an open forum how to file charges against the police department. Lady Mary Dagan Foxman, if you truly knew anything about policies and procedures of the police you would know, you start with the internal police department. In the case of Fresno, there is an outside task force that reviews any suspicious cases. Internal investigations are made and go before this outside third party. Mary, you continue to claim you are an investigator but clear do not possess any license or private detective or police work. You continually lie about being a writer yet possess no press credentials and reporters without borders doesn’t know you, and there is no publisher for your so called book. Mary Dagan Foxman, has harassed my clients in Newman, Ca., and other people in Fresno County. There is no fundraiser for Froken Platina. There is no copyright for your abuse of the Mattel Barbie, and your stealing of the moniker “Terrorist Barbie”. You are not a part of the defamation league or interfaith dialogue which you mockingly refer to as (deformation and interface) if you can be found with your fake disguises and name, you will be. Everyone stop feeding this troll, she has no business harming Fresno people while at the same time claiming to be a human rights activist that practices random acts of kindness. Mary Dagan Foxman has limed to be from Fresno, Canada and Sweden. She has no address attached to that fake name or anything except paying for the online scam of “who’s who” to write a fake press release and the comical slew of blogs and web sites that write about nothing, except attacking innocent people. Mary Dagan Foxman also claims to be a graduate of CSUf and UC Berkeley, again more lies and plageriarizing from a twisted individual calling herself. terrorist Barbie”