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Taxpayer Deception Act Pulled from November Ballot 

The California Supreme Court released an opinion on June 20 ordering the Secretary of State to “refrain from taking any steps” that would place the Taxpayer Deception Act on the November ballot. Simply put,: the State Supreme Court said a clear-as-crystal “No on the Taxpayer Deception Act.”

“We have argued from day one that the Taxpayer Deception Act is an illegal revision to the constitution funded by a handful of wealthy real estate developers and landlords desperate to avoid paying their fair share,” said Jonathan Underland, spokesperson for the No on the Taxpayer Deception Act campaign.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to take this dangerous initiative off the ballot avoids a host of catastrophic impacts, protecting billions of dollars for schools, access to reproductive healthcare, gun safety laws that keep students safe in classrooms and paid family leave.

“We are grateful to Governor Newsom and legislative leaders for rising up to challenge this extremist, right-wing attack on taxpayers, and we are prepared to fight any future attempts by the California Business Roundtable to inflict their self-interested agenda on the people of this great state.”

“No amount of funding from wealthy corporations will change the fact that the California Supreme Court decided the Taxpayer Deception Act is unconstitutional,” said Carolyn Coleman, executive director and CEO of the League of California Cities.

“It’s good news for cities and their residents that this dangerous initiative will not move forward this year, and local officials can now keep their focus on delivering vital local services.”

Suspension of MENA Inclusion Act

The California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA), along with more than 20 members of the California MENA Civil Rights Coalition, sent a joint letter to the State Assembly Appropriations Committee in response to its decision to hold the California Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Inclusion Act (AB 2763) in suspension.

AB 2763 would require all California entities that collect demographic data concerning ethnic, racial or ancestral background to include a MENA category. The bill was co-sponsored by CAIR-CA, the Arab American Civic Council (AACC) and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

“The MENA community has been instrumental in building California into what it is today and has significantly contributed to its economy and growth,” said Amin Nash, AACC policy and research coordinator, “but despite this, we continue to endure historical and ongoing discrimination, marginalization, and systemic erasure.

“The Assembly’s decision to suspend the MENA Inclusion Act continues to perpetuate that erasure and rendered our community invisible, unheard and lacking official recognition.”

“Our fight for inclusion and representation will continue,” says Basha Jamil, policy manager for CAIR-LA, “and we urge local governments to adopt policies recognizing the MENA population through equitable, disaggregated data collection.

“Together, we will ensure our communities are recognized and valued.”

Pride Trailblazers Recognized

During the event raising the Pride flag at Fresno’s 4th Annual Pride Flag Raising Ceremony on June 7, City Council President Annalisa Perea recognized four trailblazers with the 2024 Harvey Milk Community Leader Awards for their outstanding contributions to our community.

  • El Daña, a renowned male impersonator and drag king artist, whose artistry and activism have inspired many in the Central Valley.
  • Sergeant Matthew Couto, the first LGBTQ+ liaison officer with the Fresno Police Department, who has made significant strides in bridging the gap between the LGBTQ+ community and law enforcement.
  • Chris Jarvis, an LGBTQ+ activist for more than 20 years, who continues to champion equality and justice in our city.
  • Robin McGehee, Fresno’s first LGBTQ+ liaison with the Office of Community Affairs, whose pioneering efforts have paved the way for future generations.

“Events like these are crucial for our community, providing visibility, fostering acceptance and celebrating our diverse identities,” says Perea.

“Together, we are creating a more inclusive and accepting city. Let’s keep the momentum going and work toward a brighter future for all!”

Remote Workers in Fresno

There’s no doubt that the rise of remote work and flexible employment models have transformed conventional beliefs about work environments and patterns in the United States. Because of technological breakthroughs and a changing societal perspective on work/life balance, remote work has become increasingly popular as it gives employees a newfound freedom and flexibility over how and where they work.

Based on research by CoworkingMag, the most typical remote worker in Fresno is likely a Millennial with a high level of education, such as a bachelor’s degree or above, earning a yearly median wage of $45,000 and holding a job in a white-collar career belonging to the educational, healthcare or professional and business services.

The research makes it clear that remote work is a fundamental rethinking of employment, rather than just a short-lived reaction to global events.

UFW Call to Action

The United Farm Workers (UFW) union reports that Rep. Jim Costa (D‒Fresno) has signed a letter requesting a wage cut for farmworkers in the 2025 federal budget. The UFW finds this unacceptable.

    Farmworkers move this country by feeding the world, and they deserve good wages, dignity and respect. The UFW is asking the public to contact Rep. Costa and ask him to oppose any efforts to freeze or cut farmworker wages. Contact his office at 559-495-1620.


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