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Letter to the Editor

Stop Discrimination of the Homeless This letter concerns the flagrant discrimination against our long-suffering homeless individuals and leaders’ refusal to provide nice studio [or] one-bedroom [...] Continue Reading

Why I Risked Getting Arrested Today

The City of Fresno passed an ordinance to stop witnesses from observing the demolition of homeless encampments.  The ordinance that threatens to arrest witnesses went into effect on April 1, 2022 [...] Continue Reading

Refusing to Remain Invisible

A historic lawsuit, led by longtime homeless advocate Dez Martinez, founder of We Are Not Invisible, has been filed against the City of Fresno. Because of Martinez’s efforts, unhoused residents of the [...] Continue Reading

When Tragedy Knocks at Your Door

Lewis Brown, a 62-year-old homeless man, was assaulted by Fresno Police Department officers at a homeless encampment in West Fresno in February 2020. He has now filed a class-action lawsuit against [...] Continue Reading

Death, Corruption and Ideology

The community was recently outraged by streaming video of unhoused people being put out in the cold rain on the streets of Fresno as part of the city’s Project Freeway Off-Ramp. Fresno Mayor Jerry [...] Continue Reading