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Ghetto by the Sea: A POPS the Club Anthology

By Boston Woodard Ghetto by the Sea is the second anthology by some extraordinarily talented teenagers and young adults at Venice High School in Los...

In This Space

By Steve Umfrid They whys of it all escape me As I lay here on my side, Arms raised in front of my face A shield to...

To Pass with Dignity

By Boston Woodard When I think of death as a prisoner, I sometimes wonder if I will make it back out into the free...


By Stephen Barile from Tulare Lake   To stave off a drought in 1924, Wheat farmers in the Tulare Lake bottom Hired Hatfield the Rainmaker man And paid him a...

My 10 Years with the Community Alliance

By Boston Woodard Ten years ago, I was given the opportunity by Mike Rhodes, former editor of the Community Alliance, to correspond as a journalist...



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Fresno PD | The Most Dangerous Police Force in America?

By Kayla Moon An activist by the name of John Lang appears to have recently been murdered – his death part of a much...

Homeless in Cuba? Not Likely

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