Clearing the Air

Will Carbon Capture and Sequestration Save the Planet?

By Tom Frantz In the fight against global warming, there is a pressing need to take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air and put...

Clearing the Air: Global Warming and Pizza

By Tom Frantz There is an important bill in the state legislature this year, SB 1383, which would mandate a 40% reduction of methane from...

California continues to heat the planet

By Tom Frantz Now that California has been declared the sixth leading economy in the world, where does it rank in terms of climate disrupting...

A Mass Murderer Lurks in the Valley

By Tom Frantz In June of 2016, the United Nations Environmental Director, Ibrahim Thiaw, gave a speech detailing the effects of air pollution on the...

Air District Claims Success While Air Quality Worsens

By Tom Frantz The American Lung Association (ALA) has once again confirmed, in their annual report, that San Joaquin Valley residents are breathing the...



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