Race & Ethnicity

10 Years Later: Fresno Politicians Still Toying with Black History and Nobody Cares!

By Rev. Floyd D. Harris Jr. (Editor’s Note: The first part of this article was written in December 2006, the latter part written in January 2017. It...

Police Violence Is Brutal Repression

By King David “The public execution has a juridical-political function. Its aim is not so much to reestablish a balance of justice as to bring...

Transparency & Accountability In Policing: Strengthening Trust between Fresno PD & the Public

By Laura Garcia, Michael Ballin, Carlene Merino, and Matthew Fosberg Recent National Attention on Police-Community Relations Highly publicized events in 2014 exposed significant fractures in the...

Joint Statement from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and National Indigenous Congress

Translated By Jonathan Luevanos (Author’s note: The Zapatista Army of National Liberation is a revolutionary leftist political group formed by indigenous people from the Lacandon...

Review of the film No Màs Bebés

By Kathy Ayala Director: Renee Tajima-Pena Producer: Virginia Espino A film screening for No Màs Bebés premiered at Fresno State on October 13, 2016, shedding light on...



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Fresno PD | The Most Dangerous Police Force in America?

By Kayla Moon An activist by the name of John Lang appears to have recently been murdered – his death part of a much...

Homeless in Cuba? Not Likely

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