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Dr. King’s Connections to Fresno

In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited Fresno to support the Rumford Fair Housing Act. An event was organized to advocate for fair housing in the city that started with a march from the Fresno [...] Continue Reading

Alicia Jrapko, Rest in Power

Alicia Jrapko, a first-line fighter for a better, more just and equitable world, died on Jan. 11 after a long illness during which she continued to work as much as possible. As leader of the [...] Continue Reading

The March for Our Future

By Community Alliance staff On Dec. 4, hundreds marched in Fresno demanding that Boards of Supervisors in Central Valley counties listen to the people regarding new district boundaries. [...] Continue Reading

Rings Like Silver, Shines Like Gold

Rings Like Silver Shines Like Gold: The Lives of Gene and Ellie Bluestein by Evo Bluestein and edited by Julilana Harris, Independently published (, Fresno, 2021, $24.95 [...] Continue Reading