Health and Justice in Water Board’s Hands with Pesticide Byproduct

By Asha Kreiling Twenty-five years ago, the drinking water contaminant 1,2,3-TCP was added to the state of California's list of chemicals known to the state...

Disabled by Consumer Culture & Dignified Paths to our Fullest Potential

By Brian Jay Snyder I sit with great sadness upon a tree stump beside my home in the mountains of Central California. I see hundreds...

The Pachamama Alliance

  By Carolyn Murphy With the world and its institutions appearing more unstable every day, it is difficult to find a place to focus our energies...


 By George B. Kauffman, Ph.D. Mayor Lee Brand has proclaimed February 12, 2017 to be “Darwin Day in the City of Fresno.”  As our nation prepares...

Wheezing and Choking in Malaga

  By Tom Frantz A trip down South Chestnut Ave, in Fresno, will take you past Malaga a half mile north of Highway 99. A little...



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Fresno PD | The Most Dangerous Police Force in America?

By Kayla Moon An activist by the name of John Lang appears to have recently been murdered – his death part of a much...

Homeless in Cuba? Not Likely

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