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  • Paulina Cruz

    Paulina Cruz is a fellow with the Community Alliance newspaper. She is a Mexican immigrant currently attending Fresno State. She is currently working on an anthropology major with a minor in psychology. She spends her free time writing poetry or painting.

Racism Is a Virus

When we look at the violence constantly inflicted upon marginalized groups, we have to understand our part. People mistakenly think there are two roles: the perpetrator and the victim. But that isn’t [...] Continue Reading

El Racismo es un Virus

Cuando miramos la violencia infligida constantemente a los grupos marginados, tenemos que entender nuestra responsabilidad. La gente piensa erróneamente que nada mas hay dos roles; el perpetrador y la [...] Continue Reading

Racism Depends on Power to Thrive

An African-American girl attending Wilson Middle School in Chowchilla in Madera County is trying her best to stand up against racism, but it seems those in power won’t listen. The father of the [...] Continue Reading

Tools to Defend Ourselves

As a child, I knew what hate incidents and hate crimes felt like even though I didn’t know there were terms for them. I knew that gut feeling—the fear and uncertainty. Was I over-exaggerating? Was [...] Continue Reading

Herramientas para Defendernos

Cuando era niña, sabía cómo se sentían los "incidentes" y los crímenes de odio, aunque no sabía que había un término para ellos. Conocía ese sentimiento...el miedo y la incertidumbre. ¿Estaba [...] Continue Reading

Knowledge Is Power

“Hate comes in many forms. When our youth do not have equal access to public education, there is a lack of equity and it can oppress and limit opportunities for social mobility and progress. That’s [...] Continue Reading

El conocimiento es poder

“El odio viene en muchas formas. Cuando nuestra juventud no tiene igualdad de acceso a la educación pública, hay falta de equidad y puede oprimir y limitar las oportunidades de movilidad y progreso [...] Continue Reading