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Historic Strike at Fresno State

Faculty members at Fresno State and throughout the California State University (CSU) system went on strike to call attention to stalled negotiations. The California Faculty Association (CFA) has been [...] Continue Reading

A New Beginning

In early 2023, a Fresno restaurant was forced to shut down when it was bombarded by baseless racist accusations. Several months later and after much heartache, it reopened with a new name and a new [...] Continue Reading

Un Nuevo Comienzo

A principios de este año, un restaurante local se vio obligado a cerrar cuando fue bombardeado con acusaciones racistas infundadas. Varios meses después y después de mucha angustia, ha reabierto con [...] Continue Reading

Drivers Strike Ends With Victory

On July 8, Visalia’s fixed bus routes, Dial-A-Ride, Sequoia Shuttle and V-LINE were all suspended as drivers went on strike. It was startling to see the transit center so desolate. Throw in a [...] Continue Reading

Patient Care Crisis

On May 25, a sea of purple engulfed the Capitol in Sacramento. More than 600 healthcare workers, medical assistants, home caregivers, clinic workers, resident physicians and patients wearing purple [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Goes Viral

This May, Fresno went viral. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for one of Fresno’s better moments. It was unusual to see the #559 hashtag blow up as multiple videos on TikTok had millions of views and [...] Continue Reading

Crisis de Atención al Paciente

El 25 de mayo un mar púrpura envolvió el capitolio. Más de 600 trabajadores de la salud, asistentes médicos, cuidadores domiciliarios, trabajadores de clínicas, médicos residentes y pacientes que [...] Continue Reading

Fresno se Vuelve Viral

Este mes de Mayo, Fresno se volvió viral, pero lamentablemente no fue uno de sus mejores momentos. Es inusual ver el hashtag #559 en varios videos en Tiktok (TT) explotando con millones de visitas y [...] Continue Reading

Racism Is a Virus

When we look at the violence constantly inflicted upon marginalized groups, we have to understand our part. People mistakenly think there are two roles: the perpetrator and the victim. But that isn’t [...] Continue Reading

El Racismo es un Virus

Cuando miramos la violencia infligida constantemente a los grupos marginados, tenemos que entender nuestra responsabilidad. La gente piensa erróneamente que nada mas hay dos roles; el perpetrador y la [...] Continue Reading

Racism Depends on Power to Thrive

An African-American girl attending Wilson Middle School in Chowchilla in Madera County is trying her best to stand up against racism, but it seems those in power won’t listen. The father of the [...] Continue Reading