What the *%&@ Is Going on at KPFA?

Pacifica Removes Morning Show, Fires Hosts

Talking about KPFA is a little like asking someone, “So, what’s up in the Balkans and why are these people fighting?”—Conn Hallinan

KPFA in Berkeley provides KFCF 88.1 FM in Fresno with most of its content, making it what many in the progressive community say is an oasis in an island of commercial and corporate media. There is a concern that the infighting taking place at KPFA will destroy the station and leave KFCF struggling for its own survival.

What if you turned on your radio to listen to …[Read the details]

2010: The Massacre

The national narrative for the 2010 election is that President Barack Obama pushed his “left” agenda too aggressively and the people rebelled. Who makes up this stuff?

Far from governing from the left, Obama firmly grounded himself in the center with a support staff of tried and proven insiders. His seeming refusal to pursue the “change” that he had so eloquently outlined in his campaign for the presidency demoralized the Democratic base and alienated the first-time voters who had become so energized in 2008.

One could argue that the real reasons for the 2010 debacle were the …[Read the details]

Fresno Landlord Nominated for Hall of Shame

For years, tenants have tolerated landlord harassment, illegal evictions, hazardous living conditions and other forms of abuse with little recourse. Irresponsible landlords get away with these wrongful actions because of a lack of oversight, transparency and accountability. The lack of public information about these bad actors leaves tenants with no way to learn, in advance, if they are entering into a contract with an unscrupulous landlord, and no way to expose unethical or illegal behavior after the fact.

As a result, bad landlords continue renting substandard housing to unsuspecting tenants in different properties across …[Read the details]

From the Editor

Mike Rhodes

Having a newspaper to communicate the stories about what is going on in this community is an essential foundation if we are going to make changes that bring about peace, social and economic justice. Our experience shows us that we can’t rely on corporate media, which is locked into making a profit and has ties too close to the powers that be to tell us about the heroes in this area working to bring about a better world. Mainstream media will not challenge the power structure. It takes an independent/alternative newspaper such as …[Read the details]

Letters to the Editor

Remembering George “Elfie” Ballis

I just got to the mailbox yesterday and saw the final result of the feature article you did on George. It is a relief to have the scope of his/our work described in more detail and the best tribute to George that anyone has done so far. Please save a few copies for our archives. CSUF Madden Library recently got funded to archive the NLP [National Land for People] documents we gave them many years ago. I will be meeting with them soon regarding a separate archive on all George’s work, and I …[Read the details]